Instead of blood, I have art running trough my veins

I Love to dream.

There’s nothing better than spending hours in bed imagining paintings, photographs, Songs, or just thinking about all the beautiful things in the world. Before I touch the ground in the morning everything is possible. Then come all the fears.

There is always something that for some reason tells us that we are not good enough, that for sure somebody else already did it or simply that is too complicated. We try to Forget about our dreams, about our wishes but some way or the other they come back to us.

Now, instead of being afraid and trying to fit into the day a day Routine I decided to give a Chance to every thought I have… I will try and if it doesn’t work I will try again.

I promise to myself that I will not give up on my dreams and ”no matter how bad it is, or how harder it gets I AM GOING TO MAKE IT” !!





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